Inside the Head of an Artist
Giovani kososki myself 02 by giovani kososki

That's the size of my brain, a nut. A friend told me that I was generous.

Giovani kososki myself 03 by giovani kososki

Some problems are unsolvable inside our heads.

Giovani kososki myself 01 by giovani kososki

What can I say? I'm a simple man with ordinary thoughts.

Giovani kososki myself 04 by giovani kososki

I wish I had more time to play these days. Adulthood has many responsibilities. The best game I ever played was Shadow of the Colossus. What was yours?

Giovani kososki myself 05 by giovani kososki

I love Tv shows! My top 3 is Breaking bad, True Detectives (minus season 02 because it sucks) and Fargo. Biggest disappointment this year was last season of GoT and the biggest surprise was The Boys! What about you?

Giovani kososki myself 06 by giovani kososki

Sometimes you just run out of ideas...

Inside the Head of an Artist

Fun self portrait project about what an artist have in mind. You can folow more updates at

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